Costa Navarino Resort / Interactive exhibition centre design

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The brief:
“Design and produce content for Navarino Natura Hall, an interactive exhibition center.“

Our solution:
Navarino Natura Hall is a unique interactive exhibition center, comprising a co-operation between Stockholm University, the Academy of Athens, the Hellenic Ornithological Society, the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association and Navarino Foundation. It acquaints visitors, students, local schools, and people from the surrounding areas with the diverse beauty of Messinia's natural landscape. At the same time it informs and raises awareness about environmental protection issues.
This was an amazing joint project of several teams working in parallel and in close cooperation for nearly a year. We were lucky enough to have designed and implemented all the audiovisual content and interactive installations (digital signage, interactive games, info kiosks, 360 degree and virtual reality videos etc.).

Interactive applications: Ivan Stefanovic
Digital signage system: Vangelis Anagnostopoulos